2016-01 Accepting Donated Infrastructure - Creekside

2015-14 Adopting 2016 Budget

2015-13 Approving Auditing Firm

2015-12 Approving CPA for New Year

2015-11 Appointing Attorney for Commission

2015-10 Resolution Adjusting and Fixing Rates for Water and Sewer

2015-09 Resolution adjusting Schedule of Fees

2015-08 Adopting Policy for Doubtful Accounts

2015-07 Adopt Updated Speciaifactions Manual

2015-06 Updating Schedule of Fees

2015-04 (City Ordinance) Municipal Code Title 10

2015-02-05 Skipped Numbering

2015-01 Ammending Employee Handbook

2014-36 (City Ordinance) Updated City Ordinance for Cross-Connection Control

2014-15 Resolution Appointing Commission Accountant

2014-14 Resolution Approving 2015 Budget

2014-13 Resolution Approving Auditing Firm for 2015

2014-12 Attorney Appointment

2014-11 Resolution Authorizing the execution of the Rosetta Construction Contract

2014-10 Resolution Authorizing modification to the existing agreement with Bentonville on service area

2014-15 (City Ordinance) Authorizing the Commission to Fund the Decatur Force Main

2014-09 Approving Funding for Decatur Force Main

2014-08 Repayment for Services

2014-07 Easement Acquisition Agreement

2014-06 Acceptance of Beall/Barclay as Auditing Firm

2014-05 Establishment of Policy for Capitolization of Property

2014-04 Resolution Accepting Donated Infrastructure

2014-03 Resolution changing the Inclement Weather Policy in the Handbook

2014-02 Authorize Administration of Retirement Plan

2014-01 Authorizing Closing of Old Bank Account and opening a CD with proceeds

2013-16 Adoption of the 2014 Budget

2013-15 Authorizing contract with a Collection Agency

2013-14 Authorizing Equipment Rental Contract

2013-13 Appointment of an Attorney

2013-12 Changing Employee Handbook giving the employee their birthday off in exchange for President's Day holiday

2013-11 Addendum to the Tank Maintenance Contract

2013-10 Authorizing Construction Contract with Edward's Design and Construction

2013-11 (City Ordinance) Accepting Contract Between Centerton and Decatur for Treatment of Wastewater

2013-09 Execution of Brother's Construction Contract

2013-08 Execution of Engineering Contract

2013-07 Adoption of Addition to Service Area

2013-06 Adoption of Updated Service Area

2013-05 Capitol Improvement Acct

2013-04 Update to Employee Manual

2013-03 Adoption of Operations Manual

2013-02 Adoption of Customer Service Policy

2013-01 Adoption of Budget